Melting Snow

(c) freedom writer

Painting inspired by Leonid Afremov’s Beginning of Spring. You can see the original painting here.

Oil painting. Also, I painted this one with a teaspoon. First time I ever painted with a teaspoon was because I had no palette knives (still don’t) and felt the need to improvise. I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest
(c) freedom writer

Painting inspired by Leonid Afremov’s “Dinner” and the “Beauty and the Beast”.

Be Our Guest is one of my all time favorite musical pieces so this is an homage to Lumière, as well as to the other wonderful characters that enchanted me with their magic as a kid.

Painted with acrylics.

Delft Blues

(c) freedom writer

Painted with acrylics (very unprofessional tools).

I tried my best to actually get the Delft blue (it’s a very specific color). Read more about Delft Blue here.

I’ve also written a poem entitled “Delft Blue(s)” which you can read here.