Infographics on the Power of Music and Writing Habits of Women Writers


Writing Habits of Women Writers – Infographic

What often differentiates successful writers from mediocre ones is not a mere question of talent, but rather the healthy writing habits they developed. Once you find what specific routine gets your creative juices flowing and implement this as part of your daily schedule, you will reap the benefits of repetition and perseverance.

If you’ve ever wondered about the writing habits of some of the most successful women writers, I’ve put together bits of these powerful women’s lives in one infographic. Healthy or not so healthy, weird and unusual, this is what these writers experienced with as part of their writing and pre-writing processes.

I was astonished by the diversity encountered while glancing at these women’s morning or evening activities; what is common among contemporary writers though is that most of them seem to prefer writing at a computer without an internet connection – as the distractions are grand and manifold.


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Artists on the Power of Music -Infographic

What soothes the human spirit more than the art of Music? It is known to be a refuge and a steady consolation for many people around the world, with more and more studies indicating the enormous benefits for the brain of playing an instrument, singing, or merely listening to music. Some even believe it to be a form of magic!

Magic or not, music’s transcendental universal power cannot be denied. There are no hierarchies of art, and yet music continues to stand as a supreme expression of our humanity and of the inexpressible.

I’ve collected here in this infographic some of the greatest writers and musicians’ reflections on the power of music. Please enjoy!

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Source: Brain Pickings