Sidetracks Music by Laura Bell
(c) Sidetracks Music by Laura Bell

Why freedom writer? Because creating and writing give me a sense of freedom. Because I try to approach the concept of freedom intellectually, academically, politically, and artistically.

Between my on-going PhD project (in Literary and Cultural Studies), and my most treasured singing lessons (preparing, at last, for Conservatory!), I find myself writing. In the first post I have written for this blog I said “I look for myself writing”, and that “I find an acute search for freedom”. Yes, I write because I desperately cling to my (sense of) freedom, the freedom that awaits me at the end of a verse, of a word, of an unwritten comma, of the stream of consciousness, of a story, of a phrase, of the right letter at the right time. So why am I here? To get away. To get out. To come in. To find. To seek. To rescue and be rescued. To flip the coin. At the end of my pen, I find a bit of closure, a bit of something, a bit of less grief, a bit of a friend. A bit. And at the end of the freedom pen, I find you, dear reader.

I also said in my first blog post that I’m not a writer. I have struggled with identifying myself as a writer for quite some time now. The truth is this is one aspect of my life that is very dear to me. I wouldn’t feel complete without my poetical outbursts. I seek freedom in both my poetics and politics – no wonder my PhD thesis is focused on gendered poetics and the politics of oppression.

But I have not really introduced myself, have I? I am Gregoria. A musical writer, if you will. A writing soprano. And yes, if Maria Callas and Marilyn Manson had had a love child… that would be me. I find in the two characters extensions of some aspects of my personality – and both of them are musical because Music is an essential part of me. Moreover, I like colors and I am fascinated by extremes, contradictions, oxymorons, and paradoxes; I also don’t believe in binaries – see what I mean?

To my tiny and ever increasing readership – thank you for stopping by and reading my poems! I can only hope you will find the journey on my blog captivating and enriching.


Freedom writer is a play on the phrase freedom rider. Freedom riders were a group of idealists active in the Civil Rights Movement who challenged racial segregation in the American South in the 1960s. I chose this term because of my personal and academic interest in civil rights and African American history and because I write with the concept of freedom in mind. I was also particularly inspired by the 2007 dramatic movie, Freedom Writers, based on the book The Freedom Writers Diary by teacher Erin Grudwell. The story depicts a young idealistic teacher who inspires her at-risk students to pursue education beyond high-school.


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