(c) Couple by Lette Valeska

There is one year of silence between us
One year since an entire universe collapsed
When love stopped gravitating around us
An untimely Big Crunch.
You killed my love
Like you squash a dying insect
And I killed the starman in the sky
Murder stop murder stop murder

A living breathing organism ceased to exist
Crushed under the force of our insecurities
Who is exempt from the horrors of grief?
Who is exempt from love?
A theory of everything in its incipient phase
Birthed hope and all that is good in the world
Turned grey into green and mud into gold
It turned all seasons into spring
It touched me with the healing power of a thousand gods
In the wizard’s tower, I wait and wait
But there is no arrival

You are permanently there
Where I feel.
You are the noise in the background
Disturbing the sound of silence
A distant memory I keep replaying
A universe shrinking
A tumor that sucks all being
A knife in the back
The sweet poison I tasted
All to the point of no return.
I’m still craving for my epilogue
But every month feels like November
Every day a rainy day…

With you I mourn, dear little heart
The love I once found and now ‘tis lost
May forever spread out there in the Universe
Like the ashes of my beloved
Touch every soul that has once known torture
And reunite long lost lovers
Under the gaze of the moon
And young stars

I have found that there is no way
To put my universe back together
But with building blocks of love
There is my epilogue
Where waves still crash on the shore
Where leaves still shuffle and announce the many possibilities
Where stars still collide
Where artists still polish their work
Where there is music still playing
In the laughter of a child
In a stranger’s kind gesture
Little by little, this grim universe becomes bright again
Mothering new stars
All at the touch of love



Little Bridge Over Troubled Water

(c) freedom writer

Painting inspired by Leonid Afremov’s Flowing Under The Bridge. You may see the original painting here.

Oil painting with spoon (I use a teaspoon as a substitute for palette knife. I still have to procure myself one of those).