(c) Vent des feuilles by Anne-Marie Zilberman

Like a house with no roof
Like a shoe with a hole in it
Like a whore lying naked on the floor
Like polluted air filling your lung
Like a painter without their paint brush
Like a cello with three strings
Like a starless sky
Like the sea without waves
Like a fake laughter
Like the grass is always greener on the other side
Like Jupiter without its Great Red Spot
Like an addict without their cocaine
Like a clock without hands
Like quantum vacuum where no one can hear you scream
Like a cripple limping to their deathbed
Like a universe of neglect
Like forensic medicine without the crime
Like a building burnt to ashes
Like a scale without its tonic
Like a melody without the final chord
Like cells mortified by the waiting
Like maggots eating at a beautiful mind
Like to the point of no return
Like wild wind wreaking havoc
Like a cracked tile
Like an apple never fell on Newton’s head
Like antibiotics were never discovered
Like daylight robbery
Like an infant crying for her milk
Like a mother mourning her only son
Like a dying dream
Like a vision of peace never envisioned
Like US foreign politics
Like sugar-coated fascism
Like a genetically cursed embryo
Like getting sued for malpractice
Like Delft without its blue
Like Amsterdam without its canals
Like Superman without Kryptonite
Like the theory of everything doesn’t exist
Like puss and abscess and vinegar and vomit
Like echoes of a failed rally
Like Dorothy didn’t return to Kansas
Like a bad LSD trip
Like geography without maps and history without history books
Like the alphabet without the letter A
Like dirt under your fingernails
Like Peter Pan grew up
Like a windowless room
Like a story never told
Like a germophobe in a germophil world
Like the silent scream of the depressed
Like psychoanalysis without Freud
Like borders and walls
Like lost civilizations and lost souls
Like a supermassive black hole
Like a shipwreck
Like a world with no coffee beans
Like Hansel and Gretel never found their way back home
Like a mask that never falls
Like it never ends

*This poem was inspired by How Do You Feel When You Are Heartbroken by Vincent Mars.


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