Seeds of Violence

(c) Dear Esther Video Game

I carry within the seeds of violence

The beat of the drums that match the destruction

A delicate violence

Breathing life into a new born rage

Screaming louder than war drones

How do we save lives when all we do is kill each other?


When the soldiers hear the piano

They feel remorse and confess

They want to hear music again

But demolition continues

Building cracks, death signals, hurt, and blues

And there’s falling but never landing…

Spiraling into abyss

The one and only

Does it ever end?


Is there any violence

Greater than the one we inflict on ourselves?


We carry within the grey film

the colorless lie

the beautiful illusion

of coherence and homogeneity

the horrors we’ve seen

the atrocious acts we’re capable of

We carry within the remembrance of salvation

a kind thought, a warm word, a gentle touch

the waves of beginning

But these are silenced


like a tuneless song of despair


like in the goodbye of lovers


like in the mourning of the dead


What remains is a heart that beats violently

Like waves crashing against the cliffs of my being

I’m lost at sea, never ashore

With the seeds of violence carrying me ever further from you



4 thoughts on “Seeds of Violence

  1. Beautiful poem. It evokes the heartbreaking reality of violence. The line “Is there any violence / Greater than the one we inflict on ourselves?” is really powerful. Ultimately, I think violence is a projection of something you’re feeling inside–and so when you are violent to something outside you, you’re actually being violent to yourself, as well. The very belief in violence is self destructive.

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