Writing Habits of Women Writers – Infographic

What often differentiates successful writers from mediocre ones is not a mere question of talent, but rather the healthy writing habits they developed. Once you find what specific routine gets your creative juices flowing and implement this as part of your daily schedule, you will reap the benefits of repetition and perseverance.

If you’ve ever wondered about the writing habits of some of the most successful women writers, I’ve put together bits of these powerful women’s lives in one infographic. Healthy or not so healthy, weird and unusual, this is what these writers experienced with as part of their writing and pre-writing processes.

I was astonished by the diversity encountered while glancing at these women’s morning or evening activities; what is common among contemporary writers though is that most of them seem to prefer writing at a computer without an internet connection – as the distractions are grand and manifold.


(c) Freedom Writer



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14 thoughts on “Writing Habits of Women Writers – Infographic

  1. Hi Freedom Writer. I was interested in reading the infographic, but I couldn’t read it, even when I opened the image in another tab and increased the size. Can you post a link to the original?


  2. I LOVE this!! So well researched and laid out. I’m so curious about Toni Morrison’s ritual! I wonder what drives her to search for the body of Amelia Earhart?? I imagine it’s a meditative process, and she clears her mind to get in the right space. I wonder if she’s made friends with the people who live and work near the dumpsters who must wonder what she’s doing. I also think it’s fascinating that Emily Dickinson wrote on envelopes that gave shape to her poetry.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. It took me a while to do this – the research as well as the actual infographic. I’m so glad you found it interesting.

      I also thought Toni Morrison’s ritual was one of the weirdest. But as long as she can create great art…

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              1. I’m personally a literature nut so anything you do about authors, books, literature is fun. I know that’s a broad topic but I imagine you might have specific areas of interest? Mental health is another passion. Another broad topic…haha. The gender gap in writing was interesting, when you wrote about that in one of your posts…

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                1. Oh, thank you for your suggestions. My areas of interest are music, writing, and gender studies – but these are all broad topics I guess. I’m glad you liked that I touched upon gender gap in writing. I’ll see what I can do next (with the infographics I mean). Thank you! 🙂

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