blues journey

Delft Blue Mosaic

look up

towards a sky

full of yellow, white, and green clouds

only surrounded by

gray patches of grass

I don’t belong

only the wind takes me away

to a moment so dear

an april tale

a trip to jupiter

my interstellar journey

on the spaceship of love.

I remember your smile

a laughter swinging open

the gates of further space exploration

lighting up a room

an open space

a forest

the whole world.

what to do in the absence of a song that ended

an instant of poetry

days that went by in a flash

take me back

let’s reverse time and

un-spill the milk in the rooisbos tea

un-make the black coffee

un-roam the tranquil streets

un-view the Vermeer paintings

un-walk the halls of museums

let’s build a ship that un-sails

let’s go left, left, and right and straight ahead

do you hear the cry in every delft canal?

cross the miniature bridge to your cosmic lover

she is waiting on the other side

one stroll away

find me at little street

yearning embraces

a land of windmills

fields of pink and purple tulips

all point home.

a night sky pierced by church tops

an air of romance

a springtime of life

a currency of love

all at our entangled feet.

your taste of candy and coffee

is ingrained in my flesh

a bruised love affair

the strongest drug

my darling cocaine.

we are dancing in the ring of madness

sliding our way to the stage of our dreams

for one more caress

one more starry sky

one more night under orion’s spell.

you diffuse me

and spread me throughout the universe

and carry me many light years away

in a nebula of hope

of a return

of one more sip

from your enchanting potion

of new memories with you.

there’s no blues like delft blues


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