space poetics

Untitled 4

in the misty night

a tram croons

I love you’s

outside your home.

at the window of your soul

I tenderly knock

and find

a poetical figure

with equality dreams

and solar system drawings

and a craving and an aching.

the laws of chaos have spoken

match your breathing with mine

my dearly beloved

and we will live forever

gazing up

at stellar visions of ourselves

there is no life outside our solar system of love

a space where general relativity and quantum theory collide

where poetry and prose meet

where binaries are erased

where you sit reciting a poem in latin

and I enjoy every syllable of it

where multiverses speak

of infinite possibilities

of all the lives I want to live with you

all my particles and strings

and neurons and cells

and my skin

they all long

a touch of infinity

in the eyes of nature

one train, one tram

two love-making machines

with tracks that intersect

look out the window

I’m near

I’m in love

I’m in awe


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