Colorless Dystopia

Gray Nebula

Can I ease your pain?

I hear needles pricking your skin
In the decade of melancholy
Memories go by like waves
Only sweetened by guitar solos
Descending into me
Making me whole again
The blues is killing me
Little Delft is under water
Tormented canals flooding the town
I’ve estranged myself from you
Violent chords putting
Life back into the chaos
Bring back the high notes the glee
The kids have now left the playground
And all the world’s green has perished
Retired in the land of no grief
I’m overflown with the last trace
Of greenest tears.

In the committee of Love
There’s no wild wind anymore
And the leaves of possibilities have left the painting
And words and letters from our poems
Go hide in other dark corners of language
Leaving us empty poets and muses
The Sea of Tranquility leaves the Moon to join exoplanets
And all the black holes gather
For an ominous meeting
And they want to prosecute us
Hole Honor, I declare myself guilty
Of Love and nostalgia without end
Leave my starman alone

And all the turquoise in the world couldn’t patch this up
You can have my green pills
My blue pills
Journey on my mind
But where do I begin?
A grain of delusion
A speck of wonder
My whole body aches
Staring at a starless sky
A Milky Way devoid of way
Gone to the other end of the Universe
Where lovers walk hand in hand
Here I can hear dissonant tunes
A chemical imbalance
Has disfigured our euphoria
A film noir
A blank page
A writer’s block

Take me to a nameless street
Where illness does not maim us
In the autumn of our maze
We seek the rainbow
We praise the Sun
We beam, we escape, we drift…
Then there’s a stain.
And all becomes colorless
And the Universe collapses in the abyss
And our love engines break down.

In the midst of all madness
We find our way back to each other
We long for that long good galactic embrace
That will glue the Universe back together
Piece by piece
Leaf by leaf…

We’re seeing in colors again.


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