(c) Vchal – Shutterstock

there’s no darker room
than the mind cage;
in the hullaballoo of your ever-crowding pawns,
I come to bring silence
and befriend those deadly foes
dragging and disturbing
and eating at you like vultures at Prometheus’ insides;
this merciless army of pawns
gather in your mind’s undead Asylum,
promise vengeance and concoct torturing plans,
and want to leave you exposed and weak.
and when you come to me naked,
I’ll cover you with humanity.
as the pawns are taking their last breath
we are left with
writing poetry
in silence
a sound of life unborn
the light striving to come out
between the cracks of our skulls
imperfect machines mediate what we have.
on the deathbed of my isolated self
lost to the world, disconnected, and in despair,
I found humanity through the back door –
a tiny door now turned into massive silver gates
and in that open space
there is room for growth,
for light souls to emerge,
for me to dive into life and universe’s wonders
always in silence.
and I want to take you with me.
follow the sounds that lead you to me,
wave goodbye to the hollow pawns that bring you down
take my hand and fall with me
into the abyss of quiet
a meaningful silence.
a perfect imperfect love.
the horizon sparkles with new born stars
that clear your vision
I am here to color your grey
and bring an end to restless thoughts
voice your grief
let me put it on musical notes
so that we heal.


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