This is us

The Fountain

This is us gravitating around each other
This is us gazing at the Moon together
and the three-star system Algol and Vega
This is us eating together
This is us getting high together
This is us in Delft’s eight-pointed star
as the rain pours
This is us drinking tea and me spilling mine a bit
Oh, silly me
This is us shopping together
Groceries, bread, lots of bread
Healthiest food in store
This is us yearning
For a good night kiss
A long embrace…
This is us dancing and dreaming
This is us watching the auroras together
This is us talking about gender and politics
and multiverses
This is us playing
Our playground is the world
A bed made of cinnamon and Vermeer’s clouds
This is us drinking coffee together
in our little brown cups
This is us teasing
till death and torture do us part
This is me singing, my beloved
And it’s you who’s listening
A perfect pitch of love
An offer we cannot decline
This is us in the water together
in the realm of wonders and symphonies
where fairies gather in the forest to chant
This is us planting a tree
This is us building our wizard’s tower
This is us performing and role-playing
This is us making memories together
Weaving every day magic together
Creating together
A life of our own.
This is us traveling together
as I caress your forehead with you lying on my lap
A Journey I never thought I’d take
This is us praising the Sun.


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