This is me II

The Fountain

this is me craving for long good mornings

this is me (not) saying goodbye

this is me being a soprano

This is me calling out to you

this is me traveling

this is me being speechless

This is me waking you up in the mornings

this is me falling

This is me searching for meaning

this is me seeing life in turquoise

This is me gazing up in wonder

This is me wishing to be well

this is me putting you to bed

This is me reaching for the stars

this is me expanding

This is me being academic

this is me on power relations and more

Emerson and left, left, right, left, and straight ahead

This is me taking you with me

This is me wondering about life, the Universe, and everything

this is me coming with you

This is me digging up the past

this is me being musical and miserable

this is me missing Delft

This is me howling at the Moon



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