View of Delft

Johannes Vermeer View of Delft

On the corridors of Mauritshuis
You whisper of Dutch baroque and a pearl earring
We sit close deciphering history and gazing at ships
Wondering where they’ll take us
Sailing in colors towards unknown but starry horizons

and I don’t want this to end…

Gliding from one room to the other
I imagine the stinging smell of fresh paint
The labor behind the artwork
And then there she is
A melancholic big-eyed nymph
Casting poems with her expression

As we turn around
We pause for a few minutes
And become one with the view.

The dark tones of grey and yellow ochre clouds,
The soothing patches of ultramarine,
And the madder in between,
Portray a universe we’ve seen
A tranquil Delft we’re lost in.
Delicate boats and bridges
Accompany us in our idyllic promenade
The Schie canal and the Nieuwe Kerk bells
Tell the tale of a Vermeer town
Now inundated with streams of the enamored.

I hear the green grass calling
The softness of your embrace
Two umbrellas
One dark, one turquoise
Taste the rain and go against the wild wind
I stop and kiss you
And the windmills bow
And the music goes on
We are finally inside of a painting
With reflections of our joy
Specked in bright sunlight hues
We know nothing of the cares of the world
There’s only you and I
And the occasional cat strolling on the pavement
The quiet living rooms and glorious water
A Delft Blue quilt
A Little Street…

Now there’s no escape from this Delft blues
As I reminisce about our acute love tunes.



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