la vie en turquoise

Poseidon's Window by Catherine Jeltes
(c) Poseidon’s Window by Catherine Jeltes

paint up my sleeves
with a jug full of oil
cram your olive
vermillion and turquoise
and slide them on the canvas
of my skin
i protrude
the oval-shaped green pills
regard me with one eye
from a grey and khaki tile
menacing with blacker shades
that creep in at night
my mind storms with jade stones
and poisoned green rings
and before i take the leap
the colors of creation are mine
block the sunlight from my painting
i am near to finishing it
as the dark patches of turquoise
fill the emptiness
and make the black less black
the white whiter
i give life to
polychromatic distance
between my blue muse and i
blue is green and green is blue
enchanté avec la delusion
une folie à deux
with hallucinations
of a tranquil lost city
and a stain of color
here and there
that carries me away
a sungreen of revelations
a high-heeled convulsion
gleaming by the window
open those gates and come in
parade your dangling pearls and heavy smoke
the maddening hues of blue
painful paint full of
toxic and nonsense
hair so green at the touch of your fingertips
a chromatic obsession
guiding me down a rabbit hole
i have not taken my pills
what day is this?
it’s the day
the universe becomes
a monochromatic painting
a turquoise dementia looming
unforgiving as the colors
veins as blue as the rest
like rivulets going nowhere
this is my
vie en turquoise.


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