jupiter auroras_NASA
(c) Jupiter Auroras – NASA’s Space Tourism Poster

Near the white river of tones
I find you
A riddle in an open book,
A wonder man from the past whose future I want.
With our uncorked dreams and possibilities,
We set sail for a vision,
The Jupiter auroras sealing our random,
The green purple curtains
Conducting our symphony as we ignite,
Cascades patching us through
As water falls and kisses us anew.
We are waiting for the midnight tram evermore
Falling into space
up and above…
The same force that pulled her
away from you
Is now pulling me towards you
This was born
from a dying star
a black hole
the final big bang
the year of silence.
A new star on your sky
Today we will not die
And when we perish
We’ll leave traces of our poetry
A story to unfold
In the myriad nebulae
All across the universe
A Dutch ship
Carrying us in each other’s minds
and arms
Towards a guiding light
And the yet unnamed star.
In your armchair we are clutched
For as long as trains come and go
A distance so close
A far off light always too bright
A vivid hope
for a way out
a way out
of the black hole.
You invited me in
You are expressive and expanding
You are the last cigarette I’ll ever smoke
You are the only one whose muse I’ll be
You are the only church I wish to kneel in
You are the last train I’m going to catch
You are the final dream I’ll dream before the sunrise
You are the steps I’ve never taken
You are the gift I never want to unwrap
You are my high school best friend
You are my astronomic companion
You are the one I’m letting in
You are the highest note I’ll ever hit
You are the song I will complete
The poem that never ends


la vie en turquoise

Poseidon's Window by Catherine Jeltes
(c) Poseidon’s Window by Catherine Jeltes

paint up my sleeves
with a jug full of oil
cram your olive
vermillion and turquoise
and slide them on the canvas
of my skin
i protrude
the oval-shaped green pills
regard me with one eye
from a grey and khaki tile
menacing with blacker shades
that creep in at night
my mind storms with jade stones
and poisoned green rings
and before i take the leap
the colors of creation are mine
block the sunlight from my painting
i am near to finishing it
as the dark patches of turquoise
fill the emptiness
and make the black less black
the white whiter
i give life to
polychromatic distance
between my blue muse and i
blue is green and green is blue
enchanté avec la delusion
une folie à deux
with hallucinations
of a tranquil lost city
and a stain of color
here and there
that carries me away
a sungreen of revelations
a high-heeled convulsion
gleaming by the window
open those gates and come in
parade your dangling pearls and heavy smoke
the maddening hues of blue
painful paint full of
toxic and nonsense
hair so green at the touch of your fingertips
a chromatic obsession
guiding me down a rabbit hole
i have not taken my pills
what day is this?
it’s the day
the universe becomes
a monochromatic painting
a turquoise dementia looming
unforgiving as the colors
veins as blue as the rest
like rivulets going nowhere
this is my
vie en turquoise.

long good falling

Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky
(c) Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky

a 13th fair
a festival air
give the tone to a Delft escape
we are fusing with the supernovas
and glide along jazzy refrains,
tipsy with light
hand in hand we collide
a sultry sax slides our bodies into orgiastic sounds
with cello tremolos that match your panting;
in a tinge of chords and geographical reciting
paint my skin in a sonata of Vermeer colors;
I’ll take your wanderlust and lust
if you smooth my path to a frenzy bed
anonymous we become as we shed
our masquerade, our armors for when we bled,
your guitar solo has me on my knees
a masterful vision of us that reels
in Jamaican blues and lascivious thrills.
we are one breath away
and the silence lingers as we sway
you and I caught inside our star
weaving stories with pen needles
a thread that holds planets and stars
from not crashing into the abyss.
take the melody from the sound of my voice
and let it soothe your aches and pains and needs
that rapture that we call falling…
in a dream within a dream café,
a droplet of black coffee
now falls under the sky,
put your hand in mine
I’ll give you water, forests, and the falls,
a massive collision of hearts and cracking in the walls
I’m a ship that changed its course
who found galaxies through the back doors
you are my open ceiling
gazing at me from space
a seeker and a sorcerer, it’s you I’m calling
as I spiral into a long good falling.