long good byes


I swim with you
in tranquil seas
a cosmic vibration
at the mercy of our
intertwined feet.
your breath lingers on my skin
bruised flesh
with daring kisses
cling to you
an energy of crazy, coffee, and candies
baptized in white wine
a painting of copper leaves
on a rainy silver pavement
a reminder of possibilities.
in the cold air of Orion
a chaperon looking down on us
you tease
I smile and fetch a fantasy
and walk into a tunnel
of lust and longing
my imagination consumes you fresh
as you tear me open.
what dough are we made of?
a fringe and rainbow fetish
in our sublime
we have traded the world for ours.
let the leaves flood the room
let us chase them over the moon
I confess
I hate goodbyes
you devour me
with long blue skies
addictive arms and eyes like spies
spin me till I lose sight
wish we could lie
and never end
our long good bye.


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