long good nights

Harmony Stars by Toni Grote

(c) Tony Grote Harmony Stars

Part I

green sea

what were the odds of
green scotch and tea
I like the words you are giving me
the beats of hearts and drums in unison
we write drafts of pleasure and confusion
the beginners that we are
in the science of oxytocin and dopamine
the falling and drifting at the end of the day
the unbalanced weirdness
I want yours you can have mine
this comes out of me for you
like babies out of their mother’s womb
a glam still crucified by nails
I stand here
with bleeding words and poems
songs of sacrifice
magical contours
of phrases lyrics verses stories histories herstories
and we sit together on the floor
two-year olds breaking free
I’ll be kind and blind
and you’ll be my knight
in anarchist armor
this is not the end

Part II

yellow sea

we roam in search of eternal sunshine
of hair colors and wintery breeze
orion on its knees
and you, a novelist fishing
waiting for your muse
a Muse to catch your breath
give it to the lovers
it’s funny how years pass by
but january never does
bend the time machine
tonight you’re my green.

Part III

red sea

my brain is outpouring
a rush of colors to the head
messing with your brain
you’re a blank canvas
a prince of darkness
I’ll paint my best painting yet
let’s wake up from our long good night sleep
and create language and harmonies
towards the center of the theater we stroll
velvet cellos tuned to our masterpiece
we’re the movie rolling on the white canvas
enlaced black and white compositions
in a sweet awakening
that chokes you, darling
your hand under your head
the other on your chest
I am near screaming melodically
and maybe
and I’m running out of
I’m in space divine
be my rock ‘n’ roll tootsie
electrified with moonbeams
a holy fantasy of slashing guitars
writhing naked on the floor
a masquerade of lustful contortions
and intergalactic overflow
the sanctity of pleasure is mine.

Part IV

blue sea

long good nights
of deconstruction
page by page
leaf by leaf
of strange seas
that melt
that become icy
that burn
long longing for whisky
in the dim light of the bedroom
a painting of us
made of poetry
made of stars
in a big bang of psychoanalysis
a cosmic beginning of moist paint
of light and darker shades
casting supernovas
we expand and explode
in pulsars and nebulae
a starry madness
a finissage that steals my heart away
‘I could kiss you right now’,
you say
a spell so witchy
to mend the heart cracks
inspire me more
and let me take the helm
lead you into unknown waters
forensic seas
distant oceans
iceberg with no tip
a darker corner of an enchanted universe
take my hand
close your eyes
breathe my song and poetry and politics
share a night time of chaos
with notes of recklessness
drink me
taste me
smoke me
listen to me
write me
bleed me
see me

I’m yours.


6 thoughts on “long good nights

  1. Ooooh! Drop the mic. “breathe my song and poetry and politics
    share a night time of chaos
    with notes of recklessness
    drink me
    taste me
    smoke me
    listen to me
    write me
    bleed me
    see me”

    Just drop the mic after this part. Nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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