Poison Poiesis


(c) From Artemisia Receiving Mausolus’ Ashes by Rembrandt van Rijn

I don’t mind the clutter
ask me to come in
wear your dark side
I want you to
give me the fever, the ashes, and chaos
be my darling
I’ll kill us in the end.
snow and cocaine
sell me your lines
you are full of them words.
a stranger and friend
with speeches on end
have mercy on the delicious poison you choose
feast on it and let its flavors loose
bleed me your hopes and dreams
let’s dance and step on each other’s feet.
take turns with me in breaking mirrors
and exchange cracks and glue them together
have no remorse for the misfits
leave scotch and cigarettes shape the trail
to racy poems and disguise phrases
flooding rooms with creation and recreational
drugs we seek and the fantastical
between sheets and drinks and nightly seizures
of distorted visions and gambling.
dices were thrown
we’ve reached the seventh day
of a sinful cruise
where red and green lights meet
I see you standing there to the beat
filthy my mind gives in to your greed.


2 thoughts on “Poison Poiesis

  1. Lovely writing. I love the way the poem keeps a consistent flow but at the same time, it feels like every line has a life and power and meaning of its own. The painting really suits it too.


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