10 ways i strangled you in my sleep last night


1. i covered your flag eyes so they don’t wave indifference at me
2. i duct taped your mouth so i don’t hear you NOT say you care
3. i locked the room the human in me set off the fire alarm you are alarmed
4. i wrapped your neck in a string of pearls so i can lasso you mortified
5. i kissed every pearl for every time you passed me by
6. i replaced every pearl with a cluster of spikes for when you made love to her
7. the spikes prickled your collar bone for every nice thing you said to me
8. i dug my fingernails and seize flesh for every smile i can’t recover
9. i rip my heart out its weight ponders on your neck it clutches it you’re surrounded there’s no escape but release from me
10. you’re chocking you feel the weight you understand you’re aware now
i can let go
breathe in breathe out
i’m the one who’s suffocating


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