Queen Quilt Handmade Wheel of Mystery

(c) Queen Quilt Handmade Wheel of Mystery

In the dungeon of my mind
I err on a smoke voyage to you
The ashes at my tiny feet
Rise and make up letters, commas, and semicolons
All is in tune and I wish I knew what to do.
Poetry is carved inside of a poem inside a painting of my nakedness
And I moan my way into your fantasy wreaking havoc
Pour me some scotch
I’ll tell you a secret
You don’t want to know,
I’ll bake poetries and spice them with you.
The green and purple in mono
Take me away to far off places,
We bathe in meanings and double entendres.
I’m breathing in the apocalyptic air with you
But we are knitting a fire escape,
A woven utopia of loopholes, poetry, and music,
A Parisian excess with bohemianized versions of ourselves…
Give me the words and I’ll make love to them
I shed my words and sounds to a crimson rêve
And while on a blues spree
I summon you and the histoire begins
Poetic rambling has us locked up insylum
As letters continue to slip our bodies.
Where’s the climax of my poem?
Take me there.


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