(c) Brian Kesselring Monochrome Chaos

I’m getting there
over you.
should I step on you first?
your filthy body is growling
as you walk motionless towards your bride,
take her hand and say your requiem vows.
we expand away from each other like galaxies
you walk away as I plant seeds of us inside
we killed something before its birth.
and I bury and bury and bury
until another form of you comes back to life
to unlive me.
when will you cease be more than a cluster of memories?
an echo of a memory of a brief glimpse of a future us
a utopic reverie
metamorphosed into a tomb with moths eating at my brain as you laugh on the side
a crooked laughter with nauseous screeches
and then your morbid indifference becomes a guest of ours.
what is left of you is a figment of my imagination
running wild
clinging to me like suckling at their mother’s breast.
regretless figure, you disfigured me
and wiped away all that is good in the world.
I am diseased with you and there’s no medication
you are the worst book
the best song to cut you into pieces
diffuse sounds scattered on a chaos field.
dystopian and dissonant our story goes
with a glacial smile
you decline my peace offer
and on the minefield you complete
your destruction goal.


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