A Not So Merry Christmas Tale

Ready for Christmas Peter Kundra

(c) Peter Kundra Ready for Christmas

Christmas bells clinking
Choir voices softly singing
Holiday season has arrived
With soothing candle lights
A winter delicacies feast
And shiny gifts to be unwrapped
All gathered by the fireplace
Telling tales of joy, gleeful, and merry
As snowflakes fall and the earth bury.

Inside it is Christmas
Outside it is cold and dreadful
‘I’ve got a coin
Here, I’ll split it in two and share it with you;
Can I turn it into a cookie?
Oh Santa, please Santa, turn this coin into a cookie’.

With a scrawny figure covered in rags,
The child who wanders your street
Takes a final bow before he collapses
Stiff and sore outside your home
As he listens to the Christmas spirit roam:

‘Mommy, I wrote Santa and asked him for a blue tank
And a bigger helicopter with lights on
And a train that sings Christmas carols
But the tank is green and the helicopter is smaller than last year.
Mommy, talk to Santa, tell him it’s not fair!’

There are no beggars on your street
In the tales you tell that are so sweet.
As your ears are filled with joyful music,
Your stuffed stomach satiated,
Your eyes governed by the fairy snow,
Your body cloaked with warmth and your spirit gay

You comfortably turn away
From the beggars on your street.


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