Black Madness
Students perform a skit titled “Blind Ones” inside a shopping mall in Natal, Brazil, 2013

(c) Photo/Agencies

Everyone is marching out of tune these days,
Spirals of armies heading for one’s sanity besiege the mind enemy at once.
New joy, I forbid you to disappear and leave no bread crumbs behind
But you do
And leave me with the click of death as cash turns dusks into dawns.
You moan about the pace but the step isn’t yours,
It’s one dollar in front of the other
And next thing you know you are dust while someone else is getting richer by the millisecond;
Men of the news tell you it’s ok,
It’s fashionable and it’s trendy,
And it’s good for the economy,
And it’s the times we’re living in,
And it’s the only alternative,
And it’s only good for you,
And when you feel confusion and anxiety,
Know that it’s your mind playing tricks on you and not they
Sending it to doom with a bow tie wrapped around it.
So take another bite, grab another Coke, switch the channel, share another selfie,
Show up at the mall where they make you feel like home, but with smelly price tags,
A shopping circus where people hang out with their fears
Turning them into things they carry in a basket,
And on Black Friday, people crucify each other for the sanctity of their products,
Expecting rapture to come with a discount.
And you go home and build a fortress out of your products
As if they’re grenades and the rest of the world is at war with you;
But you’re only breeding wounds that multiply in your dead garden;
Then you show up at the mall again, for a higher dose of visceral apathy.
And it’s your sanity that’s being questioned
While the psychopaths get away with mass murder by the hour.

To the mad and the depressed
Show up here, show yourself, and tell your tale of vulnerability,
Touch the strings of your mind’s violin and play,
As dissonant with the world as the song may be.




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