(c) The Plop Egg by Milo Moire

I’m seeing letters coming out of vaginas,
Squirming from the dim cosmos in bits, syllables, commas, single-word sentences,
All isolated, damp and mystical, hastening one full stop at a time.
When the dead hookers breathe, they orgasm out the dirt and hurt of the world,
Screaming in lower and upper cases as phrases flee their muddy fingertips.
Letters giving birth to words, to dead sentences and living hyphens,
Full paragraphs of grief, anger, and hatred,
Spice the enduring speeches.
Letters heading north, leave the brains at once!
Leave your numbness and your number brothers and sisters,
And break free.

In the beginning was the word and the word was god,
But a dormant language was trapped inside a woman’s body,
In the beginning was the word out of women parts, convulsing with life,
In a cosmic culmination, with screams and pain,
Words butchered silence on their way,
The cry of a baby, the cry of tortured artists, the cry of confused minds, the cry of poetry,
The blessing of writing,
All between the walls, imprisoned inside a she,
With a uterus uttering monologues that fell on deaf ears.

Blue-haired lesbians, ignite your poems from your wombs
And give the illiterate an obscene feast.
Satiate their unforgiving bellies with rhymes foreign to mankind;
With your almighty genitalia
Kill the Essence, the Masterpiece, the Grand Narrative, the Beautiful, the Truth, the Book, the Master, the old formulas and false beliefs.
The turquoise valley of blood streams revel in your skin,
And inside you the fire escape, the powerhouse, and the madhouse of prose cohabit.
At maximum volume, raw words dilate and carry the message from within,
Bleeding with the virgin’s creed,
Wordless she remains as the story unfolds out of her.

Tweaks of melancholic rebellion leave your little body,
And Revolutions peek through the hole,
Lingering at the threshold of your opening, dying to come out.
This is a call to letters:
Slide down the Marxist alley, down the narrow path of buried plot twists and dénouements,
Come out to declare,
Come out to resist,
Come out to overthrow,
Come out to speak the truths and the naked,
Bring closure to this madness,
Spread onto the sheets of grace and deliver your freedom,
The world awaits.


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